"The body is your temple . Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in" B.K.S IYENGAR


"After years of illness, inactivity and strong medication, my body was riddled with aches and pains. I felt crippled. I couldn't walk, stand, or go up the stairs.. everything was an ordeal.. I so much wanted to do something to help my body, but I never did as I couldn't get down on the floor so everything was out of question ! One day I told Nini that I would have loved to do some yoga with her but I couldn't get down on the floor..could we do some stretches on the sofa ? It would at least be a start I thought! So we decided to give it a go... Practising Iyengar yoga with Nini has transformed my life . It is strengthening and healing my body. Nini gives clear instructions, demos and so much attention. My body is stretched and pulled to extreme lengths, which make me feel wonderful and raise my spirit immensely. I love the way Nini teaches, she gives the stiffest person hope. Her enthusiasm is contagious and supportive. My pains have reduced remarkably which have enabled me to do things I didn't think I would be able to do again. I never imagined Iyengar would make such a difference to my life. I only wish I'd started sooner and be further along with the physical freedom I've been able to enjoy over the last few months since working with her. I would highly recommend Nini as a first class Iyengar teacher, she is both professional and caring, a true healer!"
Violette Laskowska
“I used to only practice ashtanga and flow/vinyasa yoga. I found all other forms of yoga boring. I’d tried Iyengar yoga a couple of times… It was nice but didn’t get me excited. And then I met Nini (Nevin). She was attentive, knowledgeable and really passionate about Iyengar yoga and its benefits. The poses she chose and her meticulous instruction allowed me to see the benefits of what I was doing while I was doing it. It wasn’t ashtanga yoga but it was challenging. And fascinating. I was hooked. Since that first session, I have attended as many of Nini’s yoga classes at my gym as I possibly can. I’ve also had her come home for private sessions with my husband. He took some convincing to try it out, but as a regular squash player he now really appreciates the loosening and stretching effects of our sessions with Nini. She is demanding of her students but also very giving and caring. Even in her group classes, each student gets individual attention, encouragement and props specific to their limitations to help them achieve a pose. Each class is different but always challenging. And Nini can show you how to go into a pose in six different ways, truly remarkable! She has helped me get the most of out of yoga and the most out of my body. No other yoga will do and no other instructor will do!"
Anu Munshi
This week Nevin had me doing Upward Dog and Downward Dog Yoga poses. If you do yoga already, you won’t think anything much of that, but I badly broke my wrist in November 2011, which by mid-January had triggered a frozen shoulder. I was told by the NHS Physio it could be up to 2 years before it was fully recovered, but luckily I came across Nevin and heard about how Iyenger Yoga might help. Initially, I was very limited in what I could do; I could see in the mirror that my shoulder was drawn in to around half its usual width, couldn’t raise my arm even as far as shoulder height in front, couldn’t bend my wrist at all, let alone take any weight on it and couldn’t even lie on my back without a blanket to support my shoulder. But Nevin was both patient and creative, always finding alternate ways for me to achieve a pose or stretch, using the extensive understanding she has of human anatomy gained in her Iyenger Yoga training, a variety of blocks, belts, pillows, chairs and other supports and adding in her aromatherapy and Reiki skills when needed - and always so excited and happy for me when I was able to stretch just that little bit further each time! It’s now just 10 weeks that I have been working with Nevin, initially once a week, then twice, and the improvements are unbelievable. I still have some restriction and a certain amount of pain but every week see’s further improvement. I can now raise my arm to around 45 degrees above my head (I can actually reach my hair to brush it – pure joy!!!) flex my wrist and take a reasonable share of my body weight on it and my shoulder looks completely normal again. And I did the Upward dog / Downward dog thing – flexed shoulders, flexed wrist, body weight on my hand – albeit using a chair as a prop! I can’t thank Nevin enough for all she has done for me. I’ll be continuing on for as long as it takes and probably even after that, but right now I figure I am around 18 months ahead of the Physio’s prognosis! Thank you Nevin, you are worth your weight in Gold!
Lesley Beagley
I have been taking yoga classes with Nevin for a year now, and it is the best class I have been to. Her method of teaching is easy to follow, offering lots of encouragement and pushing you to maximise potential. Her friendly attitude and ability to give as much one to one guidance as possible, really helps you to progress. I find classes interesting and fun as each has a lot of variety.
Charlotte Bushell
Thank you for the class last night at HB, I found it engaging and interesting as well as challenging.I really liked you style and straightforward manner, along with your attention for detail and care for your students.I wondered whether you do private tuition ? I feel some private lessons will help me keep up with the class and help me work on my stretching/flexibility at home as I appreciate it is very important to get the positions accurate. Zumba's lost is Yoga's gain!
Angela Seymour
I first met Nevin in Windsor 4 years ago when she was teaching at the Wren Club, I was over weight and unfit couldn't do anything. My biggest wish was to find a good yoga teacher, my wishes came true when I found Nevin.

Nevin is now a very big part of my and my families life, she is with us twice a week helping us to a better health and well being. My mother , granny and my husband all benefit from her yoga teachings as well as helping us understand the benefits good health through her great knowledge in alternative medicines. She keeps our whole family healthy and happy.

I wanted to fall pregnant for a long time, and both my husband and I feel that because of our regular yoga practices with Nevin that finally I was able conceive. I am now pregnant and happy that I have Nevin to take care of me as I continue with my Pregnancy yoga classes with her .

I couldn't recommend Nevin highly enough, she cares and makes a difference to people's lives
Roksana Nita
Nevin is a very committed and inspiring teacher. Her personal attention and instruction is of great help.
Nevin has been teaching me yoga for the past few years. Prior to that I have had three yoga teachers. Iyengar yoga appears to suit me and with Nevin's dedication and passion for yoga, I consider myself rather fortunate to be her student.
Hi Nevin, it's Eve from your Harbour Club classes. As you've probably noticed I've missed a few classes recently. Our daughter was born shortly after I last saw you, on Monday 16th Nov. She was two weeks early but is doing well. We have named her Jessica. Thank you for all your care and attention in class over the last nine months. Your classes were a huge support during the pregnancy and I look forward to coming again in the new year once the dust has settled.
A good teacher is like a candle It consumes itself to light the way for others Thank you for being our candle Love you
Roxy,Jola , Krystyna ,Marius Edward and a Antony
Dear Nevin, your tender mercies have taught me a lot this past year! Thank you for your unfailing support, commitment and passion in class. It has been a pleasure being your pupil. Best wishes for the future.
I have been practicing yoga since 2009. I must admit that before meeting Nevin, yoga was a good excuse for stretching and relaxation. I met Nevin 2 years ago in Harbour Club, Nothing Hill and since then I cannot miss any class. Even when I travel, I feel my body craving for her yoga classes.

Nevin taught me how to think about:
1. my full posture,
2. my ribs,
3. my neck;
4. how to keep the balance in my body and
5. how to control my feet and calves.

I feel full relaxation during Nevin classes and moreover I feel that I take care of my body- internally and externally.
Nevin is the most demanding and caring teacher I have ever known.

Thank you, Nevin!
Nevin is a fantastic disciplined yoga teacher. Her class just once a week has worked like a therapy for me. It has cured all my health issues after delivering a baby and put me back in shape. It takes a lot of effort to work with her towards getting it right but she makes it easy with all the techniques,props and moreover her good nature. One more thing I would like to mention here is one to one sessions with her can make a huge difference and really change your body flexibility and shape. May God bless her with prosperous and long life. Thank you...
Pooja Bhargava
Dear Nevin I participate in your class at the Harbour Club once or twice a week since September and the results improvement to my general well being has been truly remarkable. Not only do I enjoy the sessions, which is amazing in itself since I am not a particularly sporty person and tend to lack motivation to make it to the gym, but I feel overall better, more energetic, more youthful in my body than I have in years. As you are aware, two weeks ago I had a pain in my lower back, and generally when that happens the pain persists until I pay a few visits to the physiotherapist. For the first time, this time, I came to your yoga classes instead of visiting the physiotherapist, and it is quite a remarkable thing that my back recovered fully by the third yoga session, within the space of 10 days, without the need for intervention. I only want to express the positive effect of your yoga sessions and to thank you for your persistence with correcting my poses and insistence on getting it right. In my past experience with other yoga teachers there had never been so much attention to demonstrating and explaining the poses and then correcting students individually on every pose. I would love to have the opportunity to attend more of your classes, and it would be amazing if you were teaching Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays there too.
I have been studying Iyengar yoga with Nevin for several years. I have attended her classes before, during and after my pregnancy and would highly recommend her classes to students of all ages and abilities. Nevin is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher and pays close attention to technique, allowing each student develop at their own and understand the intricacies of each pose.
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